City Of Fountains designing, building, and maintaining water features in the Kansas City, and Kansas City Metro areas. Our services include new construction, remodels, repairs, and a complete maintenance program.
Are you ready to turn an ordinary backyard into your own personal sanctuary? Adding a KANSAS CITY water feature to your yard gives you a place to relax and get away from a hectic and stressful world. The subtle sound of water creates a calm environment for relaxing and letting the cares of the office drift away.

Water Features- Ponds
Ponds vary in size and  feet and usually can be completely installed in one or two days. Kansas City Landscaping also provides pond-less waterfalls for individuals who want the opportunity to turn off their waterfall for vacations or during the winter months.

Water Features/KANSAS CITY

Make your back yard into a KANSAS CITY MASONRY relaxation sanctuary!

Adding a pond or a  KANSAS CITY waterfall is an excellent way to enhance both your outdoor and indoor living space. Both water features succeed in making any atmosphere seem more affluent, polished and cultured – Throughout all phases of  fountain construction building ,ROCK WATAERFALL, WATER FEATURES, FOUNTAINS the ''City of Fountains Builders'' works vigilantly to ensure everything we touch  from design to engineering and construction – is safe and of the highest quality. Not only are KANSAS CITY AREA water features aesthetically pleasing, but their tranquil sounds help to alleviate stress and provide calm.

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KANSAS CITY water feature
Water Features- Ponds
Water Features- Ponds