Kansas city area fountains..These ROCK  fountains will enhance your outdoor landscaping instantly with their beauty and soothing waterfall sounds.  You will find many lightweight stone-like waterfalls with a natural stone finish and a gorgeous selection of carved slate waterfall fountains.

Just what you need to complete your outdoor relaxation haven!  You will find yourself sneaking away every chance you get to relax and unwind next to your waterfall fountain. 

Rock Waterfall Fountains are constructed from a variety of materials. Some fiberglass or resin and some cast stone. This material is molded into any number of stone or wood replications. Made from a composite of fiberglass and concrete that is lighter than and more resilient than concrete alone, the resulting fountains are imaginative and long-lasting. Other materials include slate, charcoal, pebbles, and other natural elements.

Many of these rock like fountains are lighted, as well. The same cord that provides electricity is outfitted with a switch for both the pump and the lighting, meaning these rock waterfall fountains provide gentle lighting and water effects both day and night.

These rock waterfall fountains are unique. All fountains are constructed to emulate cascading water. This category is also uncommon because of the diverse artistic conceptualizations on the waterfall theme itself.

Bring pieces of the mountains to your outdoor living space through beautiful stone and wood depictions of creeks, down-fell wood, or bear cubs visiting a stream. Incorporate tiered rock cascades, descending through pockets that seem to have been created by the water flow itself. Expand your cobblestone theme by choosing from several cobblestone falls that trickle water down steps or curving pathways. Use primitive rock stacks as center pieces for old world gatherings, replete with a fire pit, for effect.

The heaviest rock fountain in this category are the cast stone fountains. Molded and incredibly beautiful, they are nonetheless, substantial in weight. Slate fountains, such as the Mariposa, weigh far less and exhibit the amazing color variations available in slate.

Place one in your gardens, on your deck, patio or any other outdoor area and enjoy all hours of the day or evening.  These outdoor fountains also offer easy maintenance and care.

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